Preschool Program

From the time you and your child open the door to our preschool area, you will be greeted with an environment that fosters mental, physical, social and spiritual growth from the enriching curriculum. At Campus for Kids, love is the way of life among the Christian values and teachings that we promote.

Key activities for preschoolers:

  • Children will grow in their language and communication practices through role playing, stories, show-n-tell and our unique family-style lunch time.
  • Various sensory experiences, through participation in educational field trips, occur on a frequent basis and will foster your child’s ability to touch, taste, see and hear.
  • Our large outdoor playground and spacious indoor gym will encourage your child to develop their large motor skills.
  • Your child’s cognitive development will be enhanced through classroom activities such as stacking, sorting, counting, letter recognition, writing, sing-a-long and reading books.